Who We Are

Cairde, LLC is a firm that designs, creates, and delivers software. We do this in varying roles and capacities from augmenting existing teams to creating our own products. The company was founded on a two basic tenants:

  1. Create – or help create – world class solutions that work
  2. Be an organization that people want to be associated with, whether that association is as a client, partner, or part of the team

There is a lot wrapped up into those two statements and Cairde understands that. This first point, although straightforward to understand, can be very complicated. The technological landscape changes continuously and so do needs, issues which means that solutions are ever evolving. Cairde strives to help you strike a balance between all these competing demands so that final solution meets the demands placed on it while still being viable for more than a few months.
The second statement is, maybe, a bit more nebulous but no less challenging, probably more so, than the first. Whether you are a client, partner, or on the team Cairde wants you to be completely satisfied with that association. So what does that mean? A few things:

  • Integrity/Honesty – In all interactions, large or small, being completely upfront and honest is essential. It is the foundation on which your relationship with Cairde will be built.
  • Fair – We expect that all relationships are mutually beneficial meaning that if only side gets a benefit then there is little sense in the relationship to the other party.
  • Flexible – The world around us changes all time, sometimes at a maddening pace. Cairde recognizes that there will be times when today’s fact was yesterday’s fiction. What is true today may not be the case tomorrow. We work hard to make sure that as your needs are met and as those needs evolve, devolve, and/or change we work with you to make sure to identify what has changed and how best address that change.

For those that are curious about our name it is the result of a lot of late nights, a whole bunch of coffee, and access to Google Translate (and, possibly, an adult beverage mixed in). Cairde is the Irish word for “friends” and is pronounced kor-juh. We readily admit that it isn’t the easiest name to pronounce when your first see it or, especially, say it. Informal analysis indicates that only about 5% of people get it right the first time.